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1) a water pipe equipped with a nail (made of Ti, boro glass, or quartz) used to vaporize marijuana concentrates such as hash oil or BHO.
When Jimmy used his new oil rig, he took seven dabs and then ate two pizzas all by himself.
by MissHighlyInspired October 09, 2013
1. put slut in roasted duck position
2. drop pants and stand over top of slut so that her goods are straight up in the air.
3. thrust verticly up and down much like an oil rig
4. watch out for the ever-ugly oil spill!
hey paul, i was up all night runnin an oil rig on your sister stacy.
by the animal March 01, 2004
The act of being upside down and sqiurting diarrhea in the air.
I had diarrhea the other day, so I tried to make an oil rig.
by alex G May 20, 2013
This term pertains to a sexual position involving two males and a female. Normally the female will be a slut but there have been cases reported where she is just a damn good sport. The two males sit on a bed facing each other with their legs spread wide and raised slightly in the air. If they two males wish they may touch feet to make it easier to keep their legs at a slight angle. The female then lowers herself onto the crotchal region of one male while still facing the other. As she lifts her vaginal region off of male number one she lowers her mouth to fellate the male she was originally facing. This movement is repeated as many times as necessary. Thus the female is making a sort of see-saw or oil rig-esque motion. To bring this image to the next level one can almost say that like an oil rig she is sucking the "oil" from the depths of the well. If the two consenting gentlemen see fit, they may intertwine each others toes for a small bit of added pleasure during the orgasmic moments.
"Whoa dude, Bessy's oil rig totally drained my well!"
by Eplaja April 04, 2008
A sexual position wherein the girl lays on her back with her legs completely spread eagle, and the guy is pummeling the vagina vertically resembling an oil rig.
Dude I straight up oil rigged Sophia the other night.
by jay_jizz January 20, 2016
To fill a small cylindrical bin to the top with tissues that have been used to wipe up ejaculatory fluid and no other items of rubbish are contained in the bin
My mum came in my room and saw my oil rig today
by Jimmyboii November 26, 2014
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