When you are sitting on the toilet, and the act of your poop dropping into toilet water, followed by the toilet water splashing up onto your anus.
Hey, Tom, how was your bowel movement?" "It was good, had an oil change which made the cleanup easier."
by PrescriptionK January 31, 2011
when a girl has her period it is an oil change. out with the old bad old, in the with good clean oil.
Man, she's on her oil change again.
by iwillbohnyou February 08, 2005
an oil change is a euphemism for a blowjob, which in turn in a euphemism for oral sex, which in turn does not count as cheating (C:
Friendly Girl: Hey there soldier, you look like you could use an oil change
Sgt. Blue Balls: How did you know?
Prvt. Les: Careful she don't just bite it off.
by lowercased March 07, 2006
when you give a girl an enima and she holds it in with her thumb, stands over you and lets it out all over you.
sarah loves to get an oil change from guys she just meets, and let it out on there face.
by tommy October 20, 2003
It's where you suck a dick til orgasm, keep it in your mouth, then blow it in the asshole, then feltch it back out and swallow. I don't advise it.
Damn I need an Oil Change.
by joosht March 19, 2009
To stick your dick in bitch's asshole, and try as hard as you can to pee in her dirty slut ass.
That bitch Gabriel just got an oil change.
by Chaimo March 15, 2008
where you unexpectily stick your index and middle finger up the lineing of someones anus.
john: "oil change!"
matt: "oooh was that the valvoline or the mobil? flush my transmission while ur at it."
by mr. 300 July 25, 2006

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