A myth, thought to have been discovered once but was then consumed a few mins later by America and starving Ethiopians who thought it was chocolate pudding.
Mmmmm, this pudding is good, don't you think Shaska?
by Connor August 04, 2004
Think black liquid soon to be exinct on this planet. However the second largest wells just started pumping so the American economy is saved for another 10 years. Maybe. Good thing thers a new afghani pipeline being built to get oil to market others wise we would be in big trouble. Thank you Mr. Bin Laden for saving our econmy.
The oil was runing low, so gots us some more. Yee haw!
by Bush is my Bitch July 26, 2003
The thing that Bush is after. The only thing that keeps Bush from demolishing Iraq.
Bush is after Iraqi oil
by Anti-Bush May 23, 2003
The reason France vetoed the Iraq war.
Sadly there has been no oil war, I wanted to pay 30 cents a gallon.
by Dan October 05, 2003
a fat person, usually lazy.
"Oils never does anything."

"Mans, Oils is lazy. He won't go on walks with me."

"Oils is a bore, and a waste of time."
by TheOneandOnlyTT May 12, 2006
A substance which the United States economy relies heavily on. Contrary to popular belief, the world has enough oil to last for at least 500 years. The global oil supply will last for approximately 500 years, even if consumption rates increase by 15%. A variety of products are produced from chemicals and such that are found in crude oil. Crude oil is the raw, unrefined substance taken directly from the earth.
Jimmy: "Gas prices are gonna never stop going up, because we only have 40 years left of oil".
Alex: "You idiot, we have at least 500 years left of oil, even if consumption rates increase by 15%!"
by Oil Makes The World Go Round March 31, 2006
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