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Think black liquid soon to be exinct on this planet. However the second largest wells just started pumping so the American economy is saved for another 10 years. Maybe. Good thing thers a new afghani pipeline being built to get oil to market others wise we would be in big trouble. Thank you Mr. Bin Laden for saving our econmy.
The oil was runing low, so gots us some more. Yee haw!
by Bush is my Bitch July 26, 2003
18 22
1. Slang term for hydrocarbons extracted from very small inter granular spaces found in huge chunks of the earth.
2. Generally thought to be in a near worldwide state of depletion.
3. Actually exists almost everywhere.
4. Approximately 3000 billion barrels of recoverable oil (using current technology).
5. Current tech is capable of extracting 15 % of OOIP (Original Oil In Place)
6. Something you retards know nothing about, but like asking for money from mommy and daddy to fill up your get up and go vehicles with.
7. Something some retarded people believe we can cart away from Iraq on the backs of soldiers.
8. Something the Middle East has plenty of and is used by those countries to control the world with out sharing with common citizens ie: Saddam’s Iraq.
The public (YOU): ahhhhhhhh!!!!! We are running out of oil

Knowledgeable person: Shut the hell up; go back to school and take some real science courses like Math, Chemistry and Geology instead of that touchy feely crap like Liberal Arts. Then you can figure out when we are running out of oil instead of listening to the retards in the media and left wing, power hungry, conspiracy spouting nut job environmentalists or is that too much work for you?
by NerdToTheEnd March 10, 2007
12 17
flattery of an insincere or unscrupulous sort
I did not believe her oil for a minute.
by The Return of Light Joker December 10, 2010
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The reason France vetoed the Iraq war.
Sadly there has been no oil war, I wanted to pay 30 cents a gallon.
by Dan October 05, 2003
16 23
Something the Confederate States of America would be self-sufficient in were it still around.
If gas goes up to $4/ gallon, we'll have another civil war.
by Grand Admiral Thrawn April 01, 2005
15 23
a fat person, usually lazy.
"Oils never does anything."

"Mans, Oils is lazy. He won't go on walks with me."

"Oils is a bore, and a waste of time."
by TheOneandOnlyTT May 12, 2006
23 32
1)a smooth black fluid with a pungent flavor and universal appeal.
2)the only thing keeping Iraq from being a crator.
OIL (Operation Iraqi Liberation}
by Ebot March 21, 2003
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