oic means "Officer In Charge" it's not new, it's old and traditional. Generally associated with military and law enforcement training facilities.
"I got my tactical training back in 2006 at the DrOpZOne."
"Ho, okay, I went there too but in 2005, was Bernard still the OIC then?"
by oic@DefensiveInitiatives.com March 07, 2015
Orgasm induced coma; the deep, profound sleep after great sex.
She fell into an OIC when we were done, so I went home
by farmer51 October 29, 2011
An internet slang word/abbreviation of the common phrase "Oh I See"

Is rarely used in actual physical conversation, but when it is "oic" is properly pronounced, "oh-eesh" and even, "oh-ee-shee". The "oh-ee-shee" pronunciation is usually considered less proper because it is regularly mistaken for the Japanese words oishii and oishi
Person1: "No I meant that I would go to the movies"
Person2: "oic"
by Nicolethe14 November 25, 2006
overly idiotic coocoo clock
I was sleeping and then i heard that dang oic.
by MountainJew February 17, 2009
Abbreviation of "Officer In Charge"
Hi, I'm new here. Where's the O I C?
by Pte Jones February 17, 2008
Malaysian way of saying: ok
<Admin> stop cloning!
<Malay> oic~
by J December 04, 2002

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