An internet slang word/abbreviation of the common phrase "Oh I See"

Is rarely used in actual physical conversation, but when it is "oic" is properly pronounced, "oh-eesh" and even, "oh-ee-shee". The "oh-ee-shee" pronunciation is usually considered less proper because it is regularly mistaken for the Japanese words oishii and oishi
Person1: "No I meant that I would go to the movies"
Person2: "oic"
by Nicolethe14 November 25, 2006
Orgasm induced coma; the deep, profound sleep after great sex.
She fell into an OIC when we were done, so I went home
by farmer51 October 29, 2011
overly idiotic coocoo clock
I was sleeping and then i heard that dang oic.
by MountainJew February 17, 2009
Abbreviation of "Officer In Charge"
Hi, I'm new here. Where's the O I C?
by Pte Jones February 17, 2008
Malaysian way of saying: ok
<Admin> stop cloning!
<Malay> oic~
by J December 04, 2002

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