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The titest state in the world. GO bucks!

2. The state michigan wants to be like
1. Ohio is tite.
2. Michigan should be more like ohio, because michigan sucks
by buckeyesman March 24, 2004
A twisted vortex that sucks in all who dare make haste across this treacherous land. Home to big hair, bad genes, and some sort of odd smell I can't put my finger on yet. Residents have a penchant for combing their mullets and molesting collies. Or is it the other way around? No ... definitely molesting collies.
Fuck dude we're in Ohio! Hey, check out that Collie!
by Poo-bear September 09, 2003
A place were there r a lot of Croatian people.
a lot lot lot lot
by YES May 01, 2004
The sorriest example of a state I've ever been. Its population is about 11 million and the 7th most populated in the country. Borders Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. It's a land of farms, cornfields and decaying industrial towns like Cleveland, Akron, Toledo and Dayton. Dont be too cruel to Ohio--it has decided the winner of every Presidential election for decades.

Columbus, the sate capital and largest city is OK. It has a lot of culture, thanks to the presence of Ohio State University. It is the 16th largest US city, with 700,000 residents in the city and 1.5 million in its metro area.

Cleveland is a pathetic example of an awsomely-cool town but is home to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. It used to be a major manufacturing center, but those were the days. It has a declining population, about 490,000 in the city 2000. Cleveland is too much like Pittsburgh.

All-in-all Ohio is lousy and I would NEVER want to live there. I can barely tolerate just driving through it.
ohio sucks and might as well be Pennsylvania.
by darrenkrkc March 21, 2007
the glorified armpit of Michigan
ohio is the armpit of Michigan
by JJCaez September 10, 2007
1. Toilet of the Midwest
2. Home of Fangboner Road - as seen from the Ohio Turnpike
3. A wooded wonderland that is confusing if you get lost.
4. Oh yeah, Cedar Point is there, too.
Thanks for catching Lake Erie on Fire, Ohio!
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance October 25, 2003
A US state in which the foothills of Appalachia meet the plains of the Midwest. It is here that the Bible Belt begins, although a strong concentration of Liberals still predominate along the coastline of Lake Erie and especially in the Cleveland area. Other highlights include Columbus, Sandusky, Ohio River Valley, etc.
I did not raise you to accept the Lord as thy saviour in Ohio. Move to Florida instead.
by Terramax721 January 02, 2004