The Florida of the 2004 Presidential Elections.
Florida had dimpled chads; Ohio has provisional ballots.
by LudwigVan November 03, 2004
Ohio - noun - The ultimate in suck. When something, someone, or somewhere sucks so much that you can't think of a word strong enough to define the magnitude of suck, then it becomes Ohio. The term stems from the endless bevy of suck that comes out of Ohio. People like "comedian" Drew Carey, General George Custer, and author Zane Grey all in fact have sucked at their professions and life in general. Cleveland sucks. Cincinnati sucks. The sports all really suck. Especially Ohio State. Why? Because Ohio State sucks. Therefore, ipso facto, and ergo, Ohio is the suckiest suck that's ever sucked.
Hey, did you check out that performance by the Bengals against the Jets? Man, that was Ohio.

Dude, did you see Joe pissed in his bed last night? He's so Ohio.

We should go on a vacation to anywhere but Ohio. Ohio is Ohio, for real.
by Burnsy&Kimmel January 12, 2010
The worst hellhole in the entire US. I had to live there for 25 years, so I know. In Columbus (the capitol), most people are rednecks AND wiggers at the exact same time. I once saw a guy driving along in a pickup truck full of manure, and he was wearing a doo-rag and blasting Snoop Dogg.

Many people think of Ohio as a state full of cows and hicks; while this is true, it's also true that the major cities have serious problems with gangs, crime and violence.

Many other contributors have mentioned that Ohio smells funny. This is because a large portion of the population hardly ever showers or changes their clothes.

Most people in Ohio are unfriendly and unintelligent. Also the weather sucks and is insanely unpredictable.

Ohio also boasts the worst drivers in the entire nation; they do not seem to understand the meaning of a green light (they believe that a green light means they should slow down and/or stop their car.)

Ohio is mostly a flat and boring state. The only really good thing about Ohio is Cedar Point, the number one rated amusement park in the US. Also, Ohio has one of the largest state fairs in the nation and Columbus has one of the largest fireworks displays in the nation. Oh, plus there's a GameWorks. Other than that, there's not much to do in Ohio, especially during the winter months.

Ohio is a nice place to visit during the summer if you want to see some of the attractions, but you definitely don't want to have to live there.
When I finally moved away from Ohio, I shouted "So long, Stinktown!" as I drove off.
by ChaosRocket May 24, 2009
Shaped like a heart, Ohio sits underneath Lake Erie. It is home to major cities that include Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland (the mistake on the lake), and mediocre cities that include Youngstown, Akron, and Dayton. It's been said that if you want to be in an up-and-coming NuMetal/Rap-Rock band, move to Youngstown. If you want to be in a shitty punk-cock-rock band, move to Cleveland. If you want to be in a sweet indie pop/rock band, move to Columbus. The most depressing of Ohio's landscap is west of Toledo, it's all flat, straight down to really anything west of Columbus. SE and NE are the most beautiful parts with amazing parks and beautiful rolling hills. Some of the most back-water hicks aren't even in WVA, they're from here. Bush-votin' NASCAR-watchin mullet-havin' hicks that do indeed go cowtipping. Wendy's started here. The statements about the weather changing on a dime: completely true. There have been some winters with only one snow--of five inches, but freezing rain for the most part, that finally kicked in during the early part of December. Spring starts in May, forget calendrical values of seasons, that's when it starts. People in the cities can't drive because they don't have to, with public transit. The people in the country can drive mainly because there's not transit, and the local-smoky cops are so bored that you get pulled over for pretty much anything. If you have out of state plates, make sure you check your license plate lights and that your muffler is working. The fuzz will let you know if they're not functioning properly. And just for future reference. Don't sleep with girls from East Palestine (NE), they all have chlamydia. Other than that, it's a diverse state full of every kind of person you could imagine. Yes, including smart people. And for the record. It's pronounced "Ahiuh" or "Ahia/Ohia". None of this "Oh-high-oh" bs.
person a: you from ahiuh? (Ohio)
person b: yeah, you?
person a: clevelun, you?
person b: clumbus
person a: a'ight
by organizedchaos4 March 16, 2006
A state that wishes it was Michigan.
Ohio totally wishes it was Michigan.
by Willow Collie June 15, 2011
The Cat's Asshole of America.
Person 1: Man, I hate living in Ohio
Person 2: Yeah, It's really the cat's asshole.
by Alluringdeceit November 05, 2007
state that i live in, has nice places, and nice people, often times the weather is said to be gay, or bastardish, as it maybe 60 out one day and 25 the next with 6 inches of snow on the ground.
dude i want to live in ohio
why would you say such a thing, they have crazy weather
yeah but they have bob taft!
by TahoeMan98 February 21, 2005
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