Ohio is one of the best states in America, if not the best. We don't have to worry about messed up politicians or disasters (other than floods and a few tornadoes). There is a great balance of city attractions and countryside. People are generally nice and very opinionated. Lot of ethnic background in Ohio, one of the largest states in America. Great place to grow up if you live suburban Columbus; you get a mix of safety but all the good OSU parties. An yeah, definitely better than crappy-ass michigan.
Ohio is so much better than Michigan, pwned.
by Nick June 27, 2004
Midwestern state, that borders, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and Lake Erie to the North
I was on my way to Ohio for the holidays and for some homemade cherry pie.
by Saints October 06, 2003
All the people on the Oregon Trail who didn't quite make it to Oregon.
"Shit, we didn't make it to Oregon. I guess we're stuck in this hellhole. Let's call it Ohio."
by Rachel Cloone October 15, 2007
The only state in the country with it's own, distinctive smell.
on a road trip:

child: Daddy, what's that smell?
father: Oh, we're just passing through Sandusky.
by random michigander April 10, 2005
Home of the criminal A-holes who run the First Energy Corporation, the folks who brought you the biggest electrical blackout in recorded history, and, save for less than a sixteenth of an inch of corroded metal at a nuclear power plant, the next Three Mile Island.
"Let's just Ohio this safety inspection and save 30% in the fourth quarter."
by Abraham Lincoln August 17, 2003
Ohio is boring.
Ohio, there's sometimes clouds in the sky!
by Ohio is boring December 25, 2008
The Florida of the 2004 Presidential Elections.
Florida had dimpled chads; Ohio has provisional ballots.
by LudwigVan November 03, 2004

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