Diverse state by Michigan and Indiana where one minute you're in ghetto Cleveland where everybody is unique and the next in a rich suburb where every single girl looks and dresses the same. Has a lot of small towns and big cities even though it's pretty small. Airplanes were invented here, so without us, 9-11 would have never happened. Neither would've Halle Berry. Sad but true.
Kid: What's Ohio?

Adult: Puny state by Lake Erie with a decent college football team.
by Pringlexeater December 30, 2009
A once free, prosperous, and proud state, Ohio is now being seized by Christo-fascists. Do-gooders across the state are being manipulated into an idiocracy by these powerful Christo-facists (who prefer limiting liberty in order to prevent free actions they don’t prefer). This systematic destruction of freedom is often referred to as the “The People’s Republic of No-Ohio”.
"The big government of Ohio says I am no longer allowed to smoke in my privately owned business. In order to relieve my frustration, maybe I will play a few hands at the casino. Oh wait...I can't! I live in No-Ohio! Perhaps I will enjoy a little adult entertainment...wait...No-Ohio! Damn it!"
by JohnJones November 07, 2007
A boring state that I live in. It's not all hillbillies. I live in the north, and it's cool here.
Don't go further south in Ohio, or it'll be just like deliverence.
by funkfunk April 12, 2006
Somewhere no one should ever have to be.
Tim: 'Let's take a road trip to Ohio!'

Steve: 'Let's not.'
by A Not So Kind Stranger July 12, 2008
The most American and least distinct of all 50 states, for better and for worse. A bit of everything from city, farm, suburb, decaying industry, new industry, colleges, malls, liberals, conservatives, etc. means that we have nothing that makes us really stand out. (Contrary to the POV of the person here who has some weird bitter vendetta about a car accident...if only we had a rep like Boston for bad drivers, at least that would be distinctive, but in reality we don't.) By the way, none of y'all can pronounce it right, which makes me think everyone here either just drove through once, or never got south of Akron or west of Athens.
Nothing says "generic" like "Ohio."
by buck December 07, 2003
17th state in the Union.(1803)Home of Ghoulardi and some of the best ethnic food anywhere. The best part is, we don't have Gray Davis or Hillary Clinton to worry us.
I live in Ohio.
by tradesman September 12, 2003
Ohio is one of the best states in America, if not the best. We don't have to worry about messed up politicians or disasters (other than floods and a few tornadoes). There is a great balance of city attractions and countryside. People are generally nice and very opinionated. Lot of ethnic background in Ohio, one of the largest states in America. Great place to grow up if you live suburban Columbus; you get a mix of safety but all the good OSU parties. An yeah, definitely better than crappy-ass michigan.
Ohio is so much better than Michigan, pwned.
by Nick June 27, 2004

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