Basically western Pennsylvania.
Tom: "So how was Toledo?"
Jack: "It was good, Ohio is the best part of western PA."
by SusejEurht June 16, 2012
A Quick Listing of Rules to Learn About Ohio Before Y'all Visit Here:

1. Do not mispronounce our state name. It's "Ahia" or "Ohiuh" or "Ahio" or "Uh-hi-uh" or some variation of the forementioned (or sometimes, in the southeast, just plain "'hia"). It is NOT "Oh-high-oh". Just... no. This is the easiest way to tell if someone's from out of state.

2. Ohio is not all flat. If you think this is true then you've obviously avoided the entire eastern part of the state which is quite hilly, especially the southeastern part, being the edge of Appalachia.

3. We are better than Michigan in everything we do. Period. We have been brought up knowing and understanding this law (every Ohioan knows the song "I Don't Give a Damn For the Whole State of Michigan!" by age five); if you have the stupidity to yell, "I LOVE MICHIGAN!" in public then you will be mauled (except for maybe in Toledo, which might as well be in Michigan).

4. There are three different distinctive Ohio accents. These are:
a. The Southeast accent: From Wilmington to Cambridge and below (basically south of I70 and east of I71)(especially prevalent along the West Virginia border). Commonly mistaken for a Southern accent. I once had a teacher from Chillicothe who would tell us to "'Collar' your pictures with crayons!"
b. The Middle accent: From Cincinnati to Bellefontaine, then east to Coshocton. The median between a southern and a northern accent, commonly referred to as the typical, ideal American English accent.
c. The Northern accent: From Lima to Dover and on up. Features the stereotypical midwestern twang (most northerners don't realize they have an accent, but they do).

5. We like our corn. Corn goes with everything. And we all know the saying, "Knee high by the fourth of July!"

6. We're the only ones allowed to insult our weather. Sure, we hate it, because it changes constantly. The only thing predictable about it is that it's sure to be UNpredictable! Winter weather in May and spring weather in January? Normal. However, if you come here and complain about this, we'll agree with you... then kick your ass. We're rather proud of our sucky weather. Come back with snow boots and a pair of shorts next time and suck it up like a man.

7. It's normal to sometimes receive change (primarily pennies) in the form of Canadian currency. Don't worry about it, you're still in America.

8. We think it's hilarious when you struggle to pronounce names like Tuscarawas, Wapakoneta, Cuyahoga, etc.

9. Yeah, we have a town called Hicksville. Get over it. Delaware is a city and a county, and Lima (pronounced LIE-ma) and Miami are in Ohio.

1. I'm from Ahia!
2. Ever been to Jackson County?
3. It's all Michigan's fault. See the Michigan-Ohio War.
4. Clevelanders sure do have a hard time understanding what people from Gallia County are saying.
5. It's everywhere.
6. Yesterday it was 65 degrees and sunny. Today it's 30 degrees and slushing.
7. You're not in Canada yet.
8. "What is Coo-yuh-hoe-guh??"
9. And it's up north, bordering Indiana.
10. Go Bucks.
by Ohioan December 10, 2006
The shittiest state in the U.S. Literally the toilet bowl of America, it has only one use; cedar point. If it wasn't for that amusement park, the state would be a waste of space and nuked(preferably in the middle of Buckeye stadium, which looks like a toilet bowl).
Ohio is a piece of shit
by Toms dick June 08, 2014
Home to the greatest university and the greatest college football team ever.
"The Ohio State University will no longer be considered for our annual list of party schools because we feel it is unfair to include professionals on a list of amateurs." ~Playboy 2003
by anonymous April 01, 2004
the nickname of a person who moves from a city in ohio to another residential city, such as sioux falls. this person may also be seen as a tool, or just plain dumb to his or her, but primarily his peers.
Ohio, you're such a tool!
by the villian July 24, 2010
Michigan's diaper. A flat expanse, Ohio is the unfortunate domicile to millions of unintelligent mush-heads with no identity and no real home. The inhabitants are borne of a governmental experiment gone wrong that can no longer be dealt with (like social security). They are an abomination genetic experiment to see if a hybrid of Appalacian hillbilly, southern redneck, and midwestern yokel could be biologically viable. Against all odds, they survived and reproduced uncontrollably. A large tract of land south of Michigan and north of the Ohio river was mostly uninhabited. The Native Americans called it the "Land of the lost buffalo" and were originally going to make it a reservation for the pale-faced settlers. Thousands of garbage trucks dumped the experiments in Ohio, where they reside today.
Oops, I'm in Ohio.

No, really? Why are there 50 stars on the flag? Did we add one for Iraq?
by LeBron May 07, 2012
Ohio is Hell, and it's froze over for 9 out of 12 months of the year. For the other three months, it has decided to crisp the Hell Mates that reside there. Hell... or Ohio.... is made up of mostly farms, but there is the occasional metropolis full of gangs, drugs, and crazy ass drivers. If you intentionally move to Hell for no good reason, you should consult a shrink. If you move to Hell to be with someone, you should both consult a shrink. If you move here for a job.... then good for you. Your right where you need to be. For everyone who has had to travel through Hell... I feel sorry for you. In conclusion, could someone please GET ME OUT OF HELL!
"Oh hellz naw! We in Ohio, Skillet!"
by whatevsohio March 27, 2010

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