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OHIO - We are round on the ends and High in the middle...... O-HI-O

Ohio is the best state to live in. Cities like New Philadelphia, where you can let your kids play in your own back yard and not have to worry about them as much as you would if you lived in New York City. It's a place where you can be proud of where you grew up. Did you know that....
-Marietta was Ohio's first permenent settlement.
-Wilbur and Orville Wright flew the first flight in North Carolina, but were from Ohio.
-Shoenbrunn which is located in New Philadelphia was Ohio's first school.
-The Wright Brothers, from Ohio, developed and flew the first airplane in 1903.
-First Ambulance systems were established in Cincinnati in 1865.
-Cleveland is the home of America's first traffic light.
-Akron was the first city to use police cars.
-Cincinnati was the first city to have a professional fire department.
-Ohio was the first state made out of the Northwest Territory.
-Cleveland was the world's first city to be lighted electrically.

Anyways - come visit Ohio - esp Tuscarawas County - If you don't like then you don't like - but you can't judge a book by it's cover.
Ohio really is the heart of it all.
by Dana February 08, 2005
A state that is a microcosm of the Eastern U.S. Although usually considered to be part of the Midwest, the northeastern part of the state seems more like the Northeast and the southern part of the state might as well be the South. Known for cultural diversity and corrupt government (e.g. the 2004 elections). Ohio like its neighboring Great Lakes states suffered more than anywhere else in the US from the deindustrialization and bad economic policies of the Reagan years and the ensuing globalization ever since, and is still suffering greatly.
Considering how Republicans have continually fucked up Ohio, I don't know why anyone who lives in the state votes GOP.
by Rattus cattus November 18, 2006
In my opinion (as a dweller of Ohio), Ohio is a fabulous state. Yes, our weather is crazy! But we can't help that. Also, with our weather it isn't always cold or hot. You get a mix. Also, just to clear up the confusion.... MICHIGAN SUCKS! We aren't a bunch of rednecks either. We don't have a "Smell." We have a smell like Michigan has a good football team.. :D In ohio we have one of the best zoos, Cosi, beautiful landscapes, great colleges, probably the friendliest people you will ever meet, great food, malls, wonderful parks, a AMAZING football team, King's Island, Cedar Point, and many different ethnic groups. Also, like others have said, if you soneone screams O-H, you better scream I-O right back! Ohio is also full of party people!

So, other 49 states of the U.S.U. you just got PWND!!
Person from Michigan: Ohio is going to be pwnd this year.

Person from Ohio: Yeah, we will be pwnd like we were last year and the year before and the year before..
by AbbehhOhio :D May 24, 2011
Just admit it... the best state EVER. Also, (refering to defn. #14) don't diss Ohio if you can't even freakin spell "CLEVELAND" right. Secondly, Ohio WAS NOT the Flordia of the 2004 election. We voted red (like it or not... frankly I voted white) 51% to 49% so you all can piss-off. Statistcally, people that live in northeast Ohio around C-Town North (that's Cleveland) have the correct pronounciation of the American English Language so y'all can just kiss my brass. Not to mention we have the best roller coaster park in the nation (Cedar Point) which holds more than 13 world records. Yes, our seasons are Winter, Construction and More Construction but hey... at least we're not Michigan.

Oh yeah... it's POP not SODA
All hail Ohio... because you're just pissed off you don't live here.
by Mike December 15, 2004
A cornball of a state that will never be capable of making up it's mind about it's weather or it's political views. Every one of their sports teams are garbage and other than Katt Williams (and look at him now) no celebrity from that state are even relevant. Retarded grasp of politics voting democrat one term then republic the next and so on.
In conclusion Ohio is a push-over state with decent heritage and qualities
Dude A: YO you heard? The Cavaliers loss to the Magics the MAGICS, man!

Dude B: Man I know, Ohio weak as shit now.
by Danny Mattherson February 11, 2014
The shittiest state in the U.S. Literally the toilet bowl of America, it has only one use; cedar point. If it wasn't for that amusement park, the state would be a waste of space and nuked(preferably in the middle of Buckeye stadium, which looks like a toilet bowl).
Ohio is a piece of shit
by Toms dick June 08, 2014
A state that isn't very big, not a lot of fun. Unless, you have family in Ohio, most people don't go on vacation to Ohio. Ohio isn't very fun, there are only like a few things to do in Ohio. The funnest thing is probably King's Island. :)

I have family in Ohio. :P
Example 1:
Sarah: Where are you going for summer vacation?
Riley: Not Ohio, that's for sure. I'm going to Florida.

Sarah: Lucky you. My parents are making me go to Ohio to visit my cousins. :(

Example 2:

Alexandria: OMG! My mom is making me move to Ohio! The only good thing about that is going to King's Island, I hear it's really fun!

Ella: Wow. Maybe I can come visit you and we can go together, have fun! I'll miss you. :)
by MYPSEUDONYM101 August 02, 2012