Geographically, the armpit of America. The drivers suck, the people suck, in general the entire state sucks.
I live in Ohio, thus I voted for Bush.
by reddqueen February 14, 2005
Rust-belt state whose inhabitants are almost dead-center average in any demographic category you can name. Formerly known for its industry, it is now failingly attempting to become a technological center. Its drivers are among the worst in America, with the exception of southeastern Ohio, where nobody can afford cars. Ohio is where most improvements in aviation originate, in large part because Ohioans are sick of hearing how tedious it is to DRIVE through such a little state.
While driving through Ohio, we witnessed four vehicular homicides and swore to take a plane next time.
by Who, me? August 16, 2003
unanticipated greeting made when seeing a woman (or man I suppose) who has left their reputation and moral fortitude else were.
O-hi-ho, wasn’t expecting to see you here…
by J-bird June 11, 2003
Quite possibly the most worthless of the lower 48 states, Ohio boasts flat, featureless terrain populated by flat, featureless people. There are also quite a few cows. Ohio is the worst place to drive through for a number of reasons:
1. Nothing to look at
2. Nowhere decent to stop and eat
3. People from Ohio drive the speed limit in the left lane
4. Ohio cops will pull over out-of-state drivers for doing 3 over the speed limit (I shit you not)

Ohio can also be dangerous due to it's proximity to Michigan. You never know when a couple of Michigan Milita members might suddenly realize the Thumb is a penninsula and that they can leave at any time to go South, back to their redneck homeland.

Avoid Ohio if at all possible.
I would rather be molested by a hepatitis infected mandrill than spend a day in Ohio.
by Stan Von Kotin June 08, 2004
crappy highway roads, consists of corn/soyfields, i suggest either avoiding it, or just driving through as quickly as possible
We have to go through Ohio?...shit
by Teh Awesome July 19, 2004
Home of the number one rated amusement park in the entire world, Cedar Point. Also home to the disgusting Buckeyes team that pays its college athletes to compete and then tries to hide when it gets in trouble. Ohio does have some hot, farm bred girls though. Cheers to Ohio.
"I met a chick from Ohio at Cedar Point and she gave me a hummer on the Gemini."
by hexum January 19, 2005
The butt-hole of America.
Ohio is definitely shitty.
by Not Josh Wareham March 25, 2005
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