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The Hungary of America
Dude, did you go to Ohio last year?


What was the best part?

I can't remember.
by One dude. May 26, 2009
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A state that is a microcosm of the Eastern U.S. Although usually considered to be part of the Midwest, the northeastern part of the state seems more like the Northeast and the southern part of the state might as well be the South. Known for cultural diversity and corrupt government (e.g. the 2004 elections). Ohio like its neighboring Great Lakes states suffered more than anywhere else in the US from the deindustrialization and bad economic policies of the Reagan years and the ensuing globalization ever since, and is still suffering greatly.
Considering how Republicans have continually fucked up Ohio, I don't know why anyone who lives in the state votes GOP.
by Rattus cattus November 18, 2006
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One of the fastest growing states in the dying mid west. Columbus (it's capitol city) is the fastest growing cities in the Midwest. The cities of Cleveland and Cincinnati are both rebuilding after a decline and are actually gaining population. The buckeye state (Ohio) is the state that holds the rock and roll hall of fame, the pro football hall of fame, and cedar point (the most popular theme park in the Midwest).
The state has several pro teams and college teams. The state's greatest rivalry is Michigan, where they dump their trash. The smell of Michigan causes Toledo, Ohio, to not be the most loved city in Ohio. Michigan and Ohio are at a constant war, as Michigan is jealous of the great success Ohio has economically, demographically, and sports wise. The two states battle against each other in every sporting event. The college rivalry of Ohio State and Michigan is the ugliest in history. Ohio has recently been winning the match as the state increases in everything. The state of Michigan has declined in economy and demographically. The Blue and Gold has been covered by the Scarlet and Grey.
The state of Ohio attacks Michigan every time they can.
Ohio is the most beautiful star on the American flag.
by Adam Sparks June 21, 2007
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Noun..17th state of the United States...Home of many great human beings and organizations..Land of rolling fields of verdant corn as far as the eye can see....Home to gritty industrial towns and cities..Columbus is the capital and largest city.

Yes, it is rural, and there is a lot of great soil here for growing a lot of crops. Not everyone is a redneck, nor a liberal/conservative, or even ignorant. Most folks here are educated and open minded, people who enjoy the simpler things in life. What's the rush?
There is to be found in Ohio a beauty unlike any in the region. It must be seen to believe it, from the plains of Northern Ohio to the foothills of Appalachia in the south.
Gorgeous country..

About the weather: It can vary from cold to hot quickly, but only in winter. ..Spring is late April, early May..Summer is a blazer, hot from late June to September. Autumn is incredibly pretty and quite temperate weather..Winter is of course the rough one..Wear a few layers...

I have lived here my whole life, and I have seen many parts of our country and have gone abroad several times..

For those who hold disdain for our state: Why dis on Ohio? It is not a hellhole, you depressing and dramatic whiners. It's just kinda dumb to rag on Ohio. Ohio is a great state, just find your niche and settle in.

"OHIO! It's not as bad as people say!"
Thank you for your time..

by SLOWHIO August 04, 2011
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Usually in the form of a question. In which you do not understand a statement. (What?/wut.) Or a reply to something completely ridiculous.
Origionated in Long Beach, NY.
Ex 1-
Person 1: c^2 = (a + b + d)^2
Person 2: ohio?

Ex 2-
Person 2: ............ohio
by doooootlb July 02, 2010
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The only place with Arctic weather and Summer weather in all four seasons, plus an unnamed fifth season where it rains toothpicks. Home of several big companies and wide fields of crops.
This week's two-day forecast for northern Ohio.
Monday: Partly sunny. High -30.
Tuesday: Overcast. High 157.
by Hnery Derpington III January 26, 2014
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The 17th State added to the U.S.A. It is a belle weather state and has accurately decided the president for almost every election. It's nickname is the buckeye state. It's capital, Columbus, is the largest city in the state, and the second largest including it's suburbs. Cleveland, the largest city with its suburbs is home to the Cleveland Clinic, Case and CSU. Also home to Akron, the rubber capital of the world, home to UA, the only polymer engineering school in the nation. Also has Toledo and Cincinnati and Dayton. They have respective colleges named after the cities. It is also home to Miami of Ohio, a "public ivy"- rated top for education and business. There is also Kent State which is famous for the Kent state shootings and has a constant rivalry with Akron. OU, KSU, UA, and UT are some of the Ohio teams in the MAC Conference.

Ohio does have the crazy weather patterns that others describe and its considered the "mother state"- tied with Virginia for number of president who were born in said state. It is the 7th most populous in the nation and has an infinite water supply, unlike the South or the West. It is a politically mixed state. The southern half of the state South of the Akron-Canton area), except Columbus is mostly farms. The northern half is industry (auto, rubber, steel, et cetera.) It is considered part of the mid-west but those from the northeastern half generally consider themselves as a part of the East.
Ex 1) President Grant was from Ohio.

Ex2) Ohio has so many colleges to choose from, idk which want to pick!
by Ohioian151 March 01, 2012
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