The art of thrusting the shaft of the penis between the voluptous breasts of a nubile female. Also known in the heart of LA as the TiTTy Fuck.
Drew saw that girl with huge mamms, gave her an oh-ten, and gifted her with a pearl necklace.
by dirty patel September 17, 2005
Top Definition
The first class who can't use OH (zero) in front w/o sounding like idots.
2008- "oh-eight what, what!"
2009- "it's all about oh-nine dude!"
2010- "forget ya'll it's about oh-ten!"
2008- "WTF 'oh-ten' are you serious?"
by chilly in phoenix January 12, 2008
oh ten is the best way to shorten 2010. just 10 sounds shitty and anything else takes too long. oh ten is the only option.
"im graduating in oh ten!!"
by blacolkat August 14, 2009
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