a)this is a person's name lives in US
everyone lives in korea hates him terribly
b)this is used in terrible case such as the word''fuck''
c)a word to trick or cheat someone
man:you stole my documents which is my company's core!
man:and, you took my pulse and all my money when i was not in my place!
woman:yeah! i hate you very much, and i will kill all of your familly and you!
man:Fuck you!,you are ohno!
by Detail_Lure September 04, 2003
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Something you say when the FBI or the police are at your door, and they are after your LUNIX.

Casual use can be caused by a combination of displeasement and fear for Microsoft lawsuits against open source operating systems, such as Redhate Lunix. It may include other, less important things.
JeffK: "Oh noes, teh police! HIDE TEH LUNIX!!!11"

"Oh noes, I forgot to take your bro out of the oven!"
by Stasis AMK3 August 14, 2003
Used when something that happens that is the worstest thing that could ever happen, seemingly.

When Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker he is his Father.

Darth: "Luke, I am your father!"
Luke: "Oh Noes!"
by JagShrapnel November 24, 2006
The most awsome expression of dismay ever.

2. OH NOES TEH HAXX0RS STOLED MY MEGAHURTZ!! what shall I do?!?!/1
by TheMouse December 11, 2004
What to say when the giant, rhinoceros-like alien comes to eat you in your poorly-constructed marine base.
"OH NOES!!!11" exclaimed teh Cyphage, mere seconds before the enzymes met his skin.
by Aeaea February 23, 2004
When something bad has happened or is about to happen, you shout OH NOOOOESSS as a replacement to the dull, tired "oh no". Extra o's and e's can be added for extra emphasis.
OH NOOOEEESSS!!! My lunch is over!
by elite0r July 31, 2003
Variant of "Oh no!", used sarcastically to indicate that what is being referred to is NOT, in fact, something to be alarmed about.
"My World of Warcraft server's economy is ruined! I can now only sell Arcane Crystals for 7 gold coins apiece, whereas before I could sell them for 8."

"Oh noes!"
by Roger M. Wilcox April 12, 2007
1) A response to a negative situation which is insignificant, or at worst, a temporay inconvenience.

2) A response to a negative situation occurs on a regular basis, to the point where it is expected.
Guy A: "Aw, man, the Marlins lost"
Guy B: "Oh noes!"

Guy A: "Windows crashed again."
Guy B: "Oh noes!"
by Master Grah April 30, 2008
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