stupid way of writing "OK" in text messages
"so, I was like, on the phone, to that hottie, Carter, and I'm like, Oh-Kay!" you Suck.
by Burn my Eyes September 28, 2004
Top Definition
A less positive version of "Okay". Can be used in a depressed tone.
Guy 1: Hey, Let's go to the doctor.
Guy 2: Oh, kay.
by Master_Unlucky December 18, 2004
a term used, to take the place of an act of understanding.
oh+kay = ohkay.
^ oh, as the act that shows you understand.
kay ^ as the act that shows you are giving yo will of consent to permit it.

*can also have an 's' at the enddd.
e.g. "ohkays"

created by a clever girl named laurel lam(;
lmao xD
person 1: im outties!<3(; &off to bed.
person 2: ohkay(s)<3 lates!<3:
person 1: heyyy
person 2: hey! wait brb
person 1: ohkay.
person 2: WTF YOU JOCKERRR! -_-'
by laurel lam June 28, 2008
A mix of saying "oh" and "okay" into one word.
Ohkay we can Skype tonight.
by Mac_Daddy_Rob August 07, 2015
The feeling when you are accepting of something and are upset but at the same time fine with it.
Reporter: You played terrible today. You're passes were completely out of the stadium.

Johnny Manziel: Ohkay. Dou you think I care?
by Shivsters March 15, 2015
A shortened version or collaboration of the words Oh and Okay.
Ohkay, I was wondering what you meant.
by AdGuy September 25, 2015
A mixture Of the word "oh, okay" thus reducing 2 letters for your tweets.
"Wow, this retard thinks I play Minecraft"
"Oh, I thought you were talking about me..."
by Rap Lexus March 01, 2015
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