It actually means my heart just got ripped into a million pieces but I won't tell you because you wouldn't care how I feel anyway.
Elizabeth: I love you.
Isaac: I know that but I'm not ready for it yet

Elizabeth: Oh.
Bystander: That's harsh.
by 5secondsofserenity June 28, 2014
text abbrev. for overheard

A: "this is my friend Pat."

B: "Hi Matt"

A: "no, Pat..w/ a 'p'"

B: "Map, what a great name!"
by saltfarmer July 09, 2009
An exclaimation, meaning that you are suprised in a good way.
Oh! It's my long lost brother Leo!
by Zach G. November 15, 2003
Exclamation used after a sentence containing sexual innuendo is spoken. Replacement word for "That's what she said."
co-worker1: "The boss says she needs that memo today!"

co-worker2: "I put it in her box yesterday!"

me: "Oh!"
by Detroitpizzaguy July 28, 2008
A general expression of shock, dismay or surprise. Originated and used maily by the upper classes(now know as trustafarians), it must be pronounced in the native tounge of these people. A good starting point is to miss a beat and sound brethless.
Oh! Mister Rigsbey, I'm buzing ouf ones tities,I wanted to enquire if one had any tamazies or any sensiemillia.
Oh! Sorry bredwin did not know I was stepping on that lovey pair of birkenstocks made out of aubergines you have just aquired. Tell me did you que?...
by The Bitter Man. November 17, 2003
OH: The appeal of the furry is all about your first childhood romance with your plush toy.
by deletedeletedelete August 28, 2010
Oh- wen said bluntly with no word preceeding it, "oh" indicates that one acknowledges what you said but simply does not care.
Person 1: Oh.
Person 2: What does "oh" even mean.
Person 1: "Oh" means that I acknowledge what you have said I simply don't give a sh*t.
Person 2: thats kinda rude
Person 1: Oh.
by Jai. April 19, 2009
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