the handle that is attached to the interior of most cars above the window of the passenger seat. when riding with a dumbass driver, or haulin' ass through or around rush hour traffic, the oh shit handle becomes very convenient for whoever's riding shotgun.
oh shit handles should be used with a little caution, as one's hands could become one with the oh shit handle, and as unfortunate and unlikely as it seems you must first have your dick welded to a rock to have it removed.
by Black Button August 07, 2008
term referring to the handles above or adjacent to the windows of a car. they are most often grabbed when the driver initiates sudden, and often extreme, accelerating or decelerating motion of the vehicle. some prefer to hold on to them at all times due to anxiety or distrust of the drivers abilities in general.
Man, I can't believe you totaled your car! I'll be safer rollin' with the ghost of Eval Knieval than with you in a car with no oh shit handles
by trump3tninja10 June 30, 2010
The handles located above the door on the passenger side. Grabbed when the vehicle is out of control and usually accompanied by an "OH SHIT!"
Billy was high when he was driving, I swear I grabbed the oh shit handles like a hundred times.

My grandma was riding the oh shit handles even though we were only going like 40 mph.
by reckless driver September 06, 2009
the handle above the passenger-side door that one grabs when the driver makes a hard turn.
Because I was weaving through traffic, she grabbed the oh shit handle and asked me to slow down.
by monkey on a leash October 25, 2010
a large woman's love handles, used for holding on when she is having her way with a smaller man as he yells "oh shit" and desperately clinches her love handles.
"She wasnt gonna let up, so I grabbed me some of them oh shit handles and held on for my life"
by Vultron December 26, 2007

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