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The handle found in most cars to either hold onto around corners taken at speed, or to hang shirts and such.

oh shit handle
Dude, you better grab the oh shit bar!
by G$ July 10, 2002
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the handle bars that are on the inside of the car above the windows that you hold on to and scream oh shit when about to get into an accident
Yo dude, we were grabbin on those oh shit bars hardcore when that dick of a driver hit the other car
by Joe February 24, 2003
The handlebars inside the car you grab when scary shit goes on.

AKA - What you grab when you drive with Brandie.
Brandie's gonna try to drift in her bug, grab your oh shit bars.
by Alley L August 22, 2008
Better referred to as the pussy handle.
I hate when people grab for the pussy handle. Just sit in the seat and enjoy the reckless driving.
by huge junk October 06, 2002
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