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Used when the shit hits the fan and both "Oh my god!" and "Oh no!" are required.

Generally used by girls from Stevenage and guys who work for large Retail Instituations, ie Tesco
George: Did you hear that Bertie had a three's up with Charlie and Betty?
Sam: Oh my no! What a dirty skanky 'ho
by Fnark May 22, 2006
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'Oh my no' is the cross between 'oh my god' and 'oh no'
Combining these two phrases together is more powerful than any phrase known to man.
hayley: Oh my no!, Oh my no, is still not on

Ant: 'Oh my no'
Frank: 'Shit man'
Little billy with no arms or legs: 'Oh my no'
by monyet May 19, 2006

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