the best flipping phrase ever....from the movie the ringer....usually used when words are beond your reach, and this is basically all your mind can handel saying....
fat glasses guy: oh my lanta you are my woman...
lunch lady: *walk away fast*

Laura: i cant believe that ethan didnt come to the movies with us tonight......
Hillary: and ethan were totally going to make out, oh my lanta i cant believe he missed it....
Laura:ya i know...i was going to make out with him two
*phone* (its ethan)
Ethan: sorry i couldnt come to the movies with you guys....
Laura: ita ok ... but you were totally going to get to make ot with Hillary and Me both tonight...
Ethan: dont make it worse for me....oh my lanta...
Hillary: ya Ethan i thought you were going to be my date since Daniel was grounded!!!!
Ethan: Im sorry, can i make it up to you guys in any way?
Laura & Hillary: *thinking deviously* welll.......
(the story is what you want it to be from here)
by Nun'Ya Biz'Niz October 07, 2006
Top Definition
Uncle Jesse's favorite saying on the timeless classic sitcom, Full House.
Stephanie drives Uncle Joey's car into the kitchen. Jesse interjects, "Oh my lanta!"
by Teeheeheehee May 10, 2006
phrase coined by d.j. tanner on full house
Uncle Jesse: Kimmy just got hit by a car!
D.J.: Oh mylanta!!
by what's her face May 05, 2004
A way of expressing surprise or astonishment. Used in place of phrases including "Oh my God!" or "Oh my Lord!," so as not to offend anyone by "using the Lord's name in vain."

Origin: Mylanta is an antacid used to alleviate symptoms including heartburn, acid indigestion, sour stomach or gas. Thus, "My" tends to lead into "Lanta" rather smoothly.
"Did you notice that woman had a strange bulge in her crotch?"
"OH my LANTA are you SERIOUS?!"
by suitesuitesuite April 06, 2009
Originating on the show "Full House" it is an expression of shock.
DJ Tanner: ohmylanta Steph, look what Michelle just did!
by a_banana510 August 26, 2008
a phrase meaning the same thing as OHMYGOD but southern-ized. used frequently by smallz. showing genuine shocking emotions.
megz: mario said that he loved me today
smallz: OHMYLANTA!
by h4444411111 May 19, 2009
expression of shock
(upon seeing something hideous) -- "ohmylanta!!"
by Marianne LEe January 22, 2003
An alternative way to say "Oh my Lord" or "Oh my god". The origin of the phrase is unknown. Not even the most brilliant scientists can decipher the mystery.
"Oh My Lanta! I just wet myself."
"Oh My Lanta! That man must weigh over 450 pounds!"
by J-dog April 25, 2005
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