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An expression of exclamation used primarily to indicate surprise, but can also be used to express shock, fear, pleasure or virtually any emotion.
1. Tom: "I slept with your wife last night."
Steve: "Oh, my dad! Seriously, though, I'm gonna kill you."

2. "I just saw Justine topless and, Oh my dad, were those breasts beautiful!"

3. Jake just new deep in his guts that the moment was right. With lust in his mind and more in his pants he turned to Lily and, with a sultry look in his eye, simply said, "Oh....my dad.".

4. Oh my dad! I forgot to feed the kids for the last four days! Derp!
by BryJo August 24, 2007

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When your drunk, it is what you say when you get into an accident. At this time you are wondering what your dad is going to think.
Fuck dude you just jacked my car...
Oh my dad... he'z gonna beat my ass.
by Dis shit is ferior! May 24, 2004