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An expression used to convey the instinctive reaction to a stimulus, be it a physical object or an abstract thought.

The nature of the reaction conveyed can be discerned from a combination of the context in which the 'oh man' was delivered and the intonation with which the 'oh man' was delivered.
Oh man...
Oh man?
Oh man, what IS that thing?
I just look took one look at her bearded face and thought 'oh man'.
by alex b April 01, 2004
Often used for either conversation fillers or "oh fuck" statements.
Oh man, that dog took a crap on my shoe
by big_cheese April 17, 2005
group of gorgeous seniors who vary in names all ending with man.
oh, old, new, pretty hair, gip, and no, oh men
by sydney^2 November 01, 2010
Ohman (think O-Ring) is a burnt up asshole from hot food, bad draft beer, etc.
Named after the rp of the Cubs, Will "I ever get anyone out? Oh, Man!!" Ohman.
My Ohman was so bad I swear my ass looked like the back of the Batmobile.
by Desipio April 19, 2006
A variation of the phrase "oh man!". Originated from a mispronounciation of the aforementioned term in very specific societies.
"Oh men! Why can't he just say Oh Man?"
by Nic August 07, 2005
excitted, happy or surprised about somthing
Oh man check out the fellas over there
by Anonymous July 21, 2003
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