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A Pittsburgh expression. No general meaning.
Oh jeez, I left my car downtan at the car wush and dat.
by trac14 October 30, 2003
9 29
An expression used when someone's surprised,amazed or frustrated.
It's origin is "Oh, Jesus".
"Oh jeez,he is still alive..!"
by Yigit Ozan October 20, 2006
62 23
An expression made when disappointed over something.
Oh jeez, will you look at the time? I gotta go!
by TRH (a.k.a. The Rebecca Hunter) October 28, 2003
41 32
something amazing, or the opposite
jeez that's crappy/ jeez u work it well,dude
by balls draining witch October 30, 2003
23 19
Means: Oh Shit
Oh jeez, I shit myself.
by Corey October 28, 2003
27 30