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A Fictitious persons name. Prelude to a bad joke.
"Do you know Ogo?" Ogo who? "Oh go fuck yourself"
by brian January 10, 2005
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a pimp ass texting device where i can tag base with my ho's. my bitches can be all up in my text while im kickin it with some other whore, an shes none the wiser.
person1: yo man check this rip right hurr.. this bitch was all up jockin my balls right when her sister be texting me like a mofo.. bitch never even knew it yo! i skeet all up on that bitch an dropped her whore ass off then met up wit her sis later on yo!

person2: rizzle?

person2: shizzle!
by beavis December 20, 2004
this is word is the counter to gogboth words are from the north west of england in some shanty town.
"right ogo?"
"wanna go and bully some gogs?"
by Mike November 30, 2004

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