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Olive Garden waiters can be intimidating and judgemental. The gangster community just took it over and used it as "original gangster" retro-actively.
Here comes an OG! Hide the breadsticks!
by ogwaiter October 20, 2010
411 336
This peculiar word can be used to describe a "hard" playa from the streets who is pimped out and smooth. O G stands for Old Gangsta or Original Gangsta.
"I keep it real on the streets, I'm a real O.G."
by Fuck Nigga June 05, 2005
112 143
1.original gangster
2.someone whose in the gang for life usually the highest sect in the crips and bloods
THAT right there is a real OG NIGGA
by love_128 March 27, 2008
35 72
Olive Garden. Mafia owned.
Those OG breadsticks rock my world orgasmically.
by emHOly January 15, 2006
67 104
The "og" in Norwegian means "and"
Blod "og" aske av gud

The writing above is in Norwegian, be jealus
by GOAT FUKER March 09, 2005
47 84
This is what OG really means...

OG- Original gamer.

Anyone who remembers the day where you would sit on your couch and play original Nintendo while your grandma cheered you on from the love seat while smoking a cigarette. If you remember these times like they were yesterday because you still play these games, then you are OG. Son!
Keanan: Yo Justin! wanna be OG?

Justin: Yeah man, lemme get my grandma and her pack of cigs and we'll boot up some Mario 3 Sucka.
by Just EN Credible September 17, 2006
58 96
Original Gangster.

This usually refers to an old gangster (past his fighting days) who has retired, more often than not as a successful man. Originally used in the 1970s.
gang member #1: Yo playa. Did you hear that OG Ninja came out da can?
gang member #2: damn! shit! dat's whack!
by OG Phylis June 26, 2005
35 74
Orignal. Was a word made up from BMX'ers/Skater slang from the early 80s.Today its known as "Orignal Gangsta" which was derived somehow to Ice Cubes silly lyrics just to make a buck because the initials matched lol.
Yo guy, those wheels on your bike are og dood.
by James January 28, 2005
19 58