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Military jargon for Out Fucking Off.
Where did Corporal Smith go?

He went to the OFO.
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
An acronym for "Obstacle Free Oral". Referring to shaved/trimmed genitals. Having no obstructions to get in the way of oral sex. No pube floss.
Heric. "Personally, I don't mind going down on a woman, as long as it's OFO."

Jim. "OFO"

Heric. "Obstacle Free Oral". I'll drop in a heartbeat as long as I don't have to part the hanging gardens of Babylon to get there. The best oral, is obstacle free oral. No muss. No fuss."

Jim. "Amen brother"

by dlocke February 26, 2014
Overly friendly odd stranger. Someone who approaches individuals automatically assuming you are instant friends.
was that you that I waved and greeted at the gym this morning, or have i officially transitioned into the ofos (overly friendly odd stranger?
by roktalk May 08, 2010
OFO stands for "Oh Fuck Oh" often used in a sexual way or to just describe something in a differet manner.
OFO Jordan knows how to give it to me rough!!
by JustMe101 December 20, 2012
ofo: or fuck off. Like obo (or best offer) when it comes to the selling of a product or service.
I'm asking $10,000 ofo.
by yaaaaaaaaaa December 06, 2009
A popular acronym in butch/femme lesbian subculture. OFOS stands for "Old Fashioned, Old School". Refers to a relationship which follows traditionally heteronormative roles.
In addition to the usual feminine or masculine visual signifiers of butch/femme relationships (clothing for example), OFOS couples embrace old fashioned social behaviors such as chivalry, etiquette and courtship rituals.
The gentleman butch brought her lady roses, offered her arm as they walked to the restaurant and ordered for her once seated. And the femme knew she was the luckiest lady on earth to have found a true OFOS butch.
by cuntry mouse April 14, 2009
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