ofm=oh fuck me
boy=idk what ur talking about?



by chamassita April 18, 2011
Top Definition
of'm or "of 'em" short for "of them"
dudess: hey u wananutha moca?
dude:na iv already had 10 ofm today!
by lozory May 18, 2008
Oh fuck me, startled expression on seeing something unexpected, such as a really nasty URL or shocking You Tube video.
Dude, did you see the dead guy video - OFM
by Jon Frum May 14, 2008
Oh Fizzing My - A step up from "Oh my".

When you hear information that makes you literally fizz at the bung.
"I just saw Ricky Gervais"

"OFM I'm moving to the Caribbean"
by Clarica F November 09, 2013
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