Used when you are offended that someone has offended your mate, and/or on behalf of your mate.
'Carley is a fat obese motherfucking bitch'
'Shut your dirty mouth, you've offriended me with that comment'

'Hey Gil, Simon said Ben was a fatty'
'I'm offriended'
by RadgedPuff May 22, 2009
Top Definition
1. The feeling one gets when one does not receive a Facebook friend request from another party with whom they have become friendly.

Infinitive: to offriend

Noun: offriendse

Adjective: offriendsive
Why hasn't Rachel friended me on Facebook yet? I thought we really hit it off at that party the other night. To be honest, I'm really offriended.

Dave friended you but not me? I'm so offriended!

It's just offriendsive that she hasn't friended you yet.
by Sweet Lou the Rhythm Jew October 28, 2009
this feeling occurs in any situation where you feels as if you have been cheated on friend wise.

when earlakeisha came to find out that her friends aquafina and shawnda had become close friends without her knowledge, she couln't help but feel really offriended.
by tyrone balls August 07, 2011
Usually happens to a male but sometimes lesbian females when the object of their affection shoots them down with the "lets be friends" line.
"I think Billy's super nice but he's so ugly so I asked him to be friends and he got all offriended and said that sounded way better than having sex".
by the_red_bull March 30, 2010
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