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a manager that is infamously known for handing off their work and other useless assignments to you that they could and should be doing themselves
The office quarterback just handed off a bunch of her assignments to me, AGAIN!
by Disgruntled_in_SJ March 17, 2011
An excellent manager that understands the power associated with well-executed delegation. She understands that the power of the team comes from the strength of all individuals involved working together. She is the leading member of a team that produces consistent results because she knows how to encourage and support her team members.
Chiara is a wonderful Office Quarterback that knows the power of her team and leverages all her resources to achieve the needed results. The benefit to all the team members comes through recognition of a job-well-done and the rewards associated with it.
by CrazyManNo9B April 05, 2011
That guy who always wants the smallest amount of change returned after lending it to someone.
Our co-worker always wants the smallest change returned - he is such an office quarterback.

Office co-worker: "Hey man, I want my quarter back!"
by NitzoDiTotzo July 25, 2016
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