extremely coool, unique
those rims are off the chain
by justin March 08, 2005
sweet, unique, cool, awesome, untouchable
those rims are off the chain!
by justin March 08, 2005
golf related , mint,awesome,very good, superb
That drive was off the chain.
I just holed out from 200m that's off the chain.
Those bunker's are off the chain.

by yo mama jugs January 07, 2007
Outrageous, unbelievable, out-of-control. (In both a positive or negative sense.)
Positive: "Your speech was so awesome, it was off the chain!"
Negative: "Shelley hasn't been herself ever since she lost her job. I've heard she's at the bar getting wasted and taking a different man home every night. Homegirl is off the chain."
by juluxz June 18, 2015
1. (adj.) A positive comment, referencing something that was beyond exciting. Usually used as an exclamation statement, describing a wild, out of control event, often used in retrospect.

2. (noun.) The ruckus Indoor Cycling technique taught by Jules Merten, a certified SPIN/Cycling instructor, at multiple FitnessSF clubs in San Francisco. A thoroughly engaging full body, endorphin waker-upper, that pushes you beyond the standard spin class. Simple yet sharp choreography laid down to the latest, sexiest remixes =an easy to grab hold of, rhythm based, calorie incinerating ride for ALL levels.
1. "Girl, your party last night was off the chain!"

2. "I Took Jules' 7AM OFFTheChain SPIN class this morning. Burning 1000 calories has never been so fun! Best way to start my day!"
by OTC Baby, OTC! October 20, 2014

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