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1) end of the disscusion, strait to bustin / fighting

2) spontanius excitment

3) chain weight of a gamedog ( pitbull ), to contest a dog without conditioning ( gamedogs have two weights chain weight and contest weight )
That skinny brindle dog aint got shit on my dog. Put your money where your mouth is and lets go off the chain.
by DeadGameHard September 23, 2010
I worked at a summer camp a few years ago and an inner city kid told me that this expression derives from the term off the hook. However is something is off the chain it is far more exciting and possibly even enchanting.
Jamal thought his rapping was off the Chain but monique and moesha thought he was wack!
by textfile232 January 05, 2006
unprotected sexual intercourse
Guy 1: Last night with my girlfriend was off the chain!

Guy 2: That's awesome!

Guy 1: She's pregnant.
by Hardee's January 11, 2010
A way stupid people who think they're hip describe an awesome event, such as a party or concert. Often used by crackheads or Asians who think they're down with black folk.
Crackhead/Asian: Yo nigga, that party last night wuz off the chain, muthafucka!

Black dude/normal person: Shut the fuck up. (Beats his ass). Don't ever say that again.
by ohsosorry August 06, 2009
What happens when you're riding your bike and you shift gears too fast or incorrectly. (The "chain" comes off the spokes)
Person A: Yo man, don't be ridin' all fast and shiftin' gears like woah, yo' bike is off the chain!
Person B: Word?
by kwirk January 15, 2006
For a situation to get out of control or out of hand and chaotic, like a wild night out.
"as soon as Rich started drinking whisky he really went off the chain"
by tim November 06, 2004
that party was off the chain
by fo shizzle September 25, 2003