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Off The Chain Band started the summer of 2008 in Orlando Florida by a group of four diverse,

creative musicians seeking to pursue the art of music to create a sound that would become a genre of their own. Their ability to perform music of yesterday and today, while captivating and connecting concert audiences with their original material is transformational. With over forty years of professional experience, Off The Chain is far more than a typical Friday night bar band... It is a group that refuses to believe that music cannot be made better, the show more

spectacular. No other words can describe the band more accurately -

You missed it last night brother. Off The Chain Band kicked ass last night in Daytona! People were swinging from the chandeliers and bouncing off the walls!
by Junebug OTC November 26, 2010
1. (adj) crazy, uncontrollable, nuts, insane in the membrane
That lady is off the chain.
by Sexy Filmmaker May 20, 2009
1. When you're riding your bike down a hill at such speeds that when you peddle it seems as though your chain has fallen off.
me," That hill was off the chain logan!" Logan," Yea man, I was in top gear, and still couldn't peddle faster."
by FructoseDaddy June 15, 2011
Function: adv., adj.
Someone or something that is out of control.
The party at Jane's house was off the chain! (adj.)

Jack was off the chain when he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. (adv.)
by Grammar Nerd Club VP - Stacy February 24, 2009
Early 1800s American phrase. To describe that one is no longer in confinement.
Crackah1: Where's the hell is Toby?
Crackah2: He's off the chain, hell, he's off the plantation and probably half way up the Underground Railroad.
by Crackah1 March 25, 2005
I worked at a summer camp a few years ago and an inner city kid told me that this expression derives from the term off the hook. However is something is off the chain it is far more exciting and possibly even enchanting.
Jamal thought his rapping was off the Chain but monique and moesha thought he was wack!
by textfile232 January 05, 2006
something that is really unique, amazing, unbelivable or, just down-right awesome
the concert last night was off the chain man

i saw joey do a 900 degree summersault of the divin board at the swimming pool, it was off the chain
by Stevie March 31, 2005