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The chick that had the eight kids.
Octopussy doesn't get any welfare;Oh yeah just food stamps.
by 101Davie Boy February 26, 2009
A name used to describe a male who cannot keep his hands to himself. God gave the male 2 hands, however at times it can feel that they have 8 hands. Hence the phrase Octopussy. The phrase is commonly used in Scotland more than anywhere else. Urban history suggests the phrase originates from Lap Dancing Bars in Edinburgh.
Person 1: That guy was a real sleaze he had his hands all over me, it was like he had 8!
Person 2: He sounds like an Octopussy hun!
by Jack Roseby April 12, 2008
An eight Woman Orgy.
Damn Nigga, I heard there was gonna be an octopussy at that party tonight.
by kris6000 May 03, 2006
a person with eight vagina's
Kayla has eight vagina's. That means that she is an octopussy
by Asian Thunder March 22, 2007
bitches that talk shit behind yo back but dont say shit to yo face
little girls and people named kaleb and sean are examples of an octopussy.
by the infamous matt grover March 23, 2008
a really lame person that has so many excuses as to why they can't do something
George didn't stand up to that guy tonight because he said he had a sprained ankle, what an octopussy.
by Ariana A. Mata October 25, 2007
An aj
Did you see him last night he was fucking 8 people with his octo-pussy
by Emily Taylor phucker May 31, 2009