A town located on Maryland's eastern shore, where in the summer all of the drug dealer assholes come down from b-more (slang for Baltimore) and all of the western shore. But, in the winter you could kill someone in the middle of Costal Highway, which is the main road running through Ocean City, Fenwick Island, South Bethany, Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach (Dewey), Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and other towns I can't remember. You can also call 911 in the middle of January and a cop will show up in late May. Also most of the hotels and motels are closed because it's like fucking 50 degrees in the winter. And in the summer you have to deal with all of the tourons (tourist and moron put together) that enjoy tho create bar fights and car accidents that back up costal highway for 25 miles
Western shore person- can't wait to go to ocean city this summer!
by Akalakakumar November 06, 2013
Ocean City -- known for the best senior week parties for us in maryland...not a beach week or a 3month party like those jersey people have after graduation....its where all the beer is flowing in front of your face, the beach is right at your fingertips, and most of the people down there that have houses are spending as they say 'daddys money'...that is what high schoolers look forward too and what we college people will go to after high school cause we know how bangin it is down there....and no its not like the ocean city in jersey, cause up there in the "stepford" like town, us down here at ocean city, md have just as much money but know how to have a much better time.....
"dude, we are going to ocean city, did u get that 30 cause my house is open for the party"
by heather April 04, 2005
This is all about New Jersey Kids....

"This is for the kids who know what its like to live at the beach. For kids who grew up drinking, and it has become part of their lifestyle. For kids who love sand in their toes, and salt in their hair. For kids that get blackout drunk at night, and still catch an early morning surf session. For kids who know what a shoobie is and know that they suck. For kids who live in a town that hasn't sold out to major commercialism. For kids who have passed out on the beach at night. For kids that walk around half naked during the summer. For kids that know all the cops in their town, and know that the cant do shit. For kids who love to fish. For kids that know casual means sandals, board shorts, and a collared shirt. For kids who ride bikes, skateboards, or walk to parties, even after they got their license. For kids who love to throw down and party every night, and most of all who are just plain chill."

ocean city kids are the best around !
by ocean shitty local September 21, 2007
The best place to be. Ever. And not Maryland, either, but "the best little town in New Jersey." Ocean City, NJ is a place where people, mainly from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, but also from other parts of the country, spend their summer vacations. Though everyone goes home on Labor Day, Ocean City still remains the best town in South Jersey and New Jersey overall.
Where are you from?
I'm from Ocean City!
Oh, really? I have a house there!
I live there year-round, it's so awesome!
by OCnDT October 05, 2007
Ocean City is a little town in Jersey. "It's america's favorite family resort"Kind of like a steptford-town. its only fun in the summer during the winter its a dead -ass-town
Ocean City sucks*lights up pipe* *gets arrested* The town covers it up and everybody forgets about it a week later
by Kayla February 01, 2005
best known as: ocean shitty
Person 1: You going to Ocean City this summer?
Person 2: Dude, REHOBETH! Even that family place Bethany is chiller than Ocean Shitty, man.
by KT April 19, 2005

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