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best album EVER. by Yellowcard of course.
have you heard ocean avenue?
yeah! only the best cd ever!
by Ginaaaa March 02, 2005
Ocean Avenue is NOT the first album from the band Yellowcard. However, it was the album that gained them fame and popularity. Ocean Avenue is also the first single from the album, Ocean Avenue. Ocean Avenue is the most popular album to date, as it gained Platnium x2.

This 2003 album is a great album, but not as good as The Underdog EP. Yellowcard is an awesome band, and since The Underdog EP is currently not being sold anymore, purchase Ocean Avenue. It is a wonderful and great album by Yellowcard.
Fucking gay posers: "Paper Walls is the greatest album ever. I'm a fucktard because I have only heard of Paper Walls and I haven't heard of Ocean Avenue, but I personally think Ocean Avenue is fucked!"

Me: "Hey, wassup, fuckwits. Paper Walls is awesome, but have you heard of Ocean Avenue? I reckon it's kinda better."

fucking gay posers: "Fuck you. Paper Walls is FTW!"

Me "You guys are gay asswipe poser dicks. Listen to Ocean Avenue"
A road 3 blocks away from my house in San Fransisco with blue lights on each side.
"Hey go get some burritos at the Mexican Food place on Ocean Avenue."
by Orbit March 04, 2005
Yellowcard's worst album.
Guy 1: I like Yellowcard, but most of Ocean Avenue was preppy California shit.
Guy 2: Yeah, there were like one or two good songs maybe.
Guy 1: Lights and Sounds and Paper Walls are both much better albums.
Guy 2: Yeah dude, you're right.
by Zach Kaigler October 19, 2008
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