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A location of several regattas throughout the crew season. Recently dominated by the Marietta Tiger Crew who swept all of the eight events.
Even though it is a wealthy place as you can tell by the boathouses, they still give out crappy ribbons as opposed to medals.
by shafticus April 24, 2005

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crew northern virginia
crew slang:

park in northern virginia, run by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. Its right on the occoquan sewage dump (a.k.a. occoquan reservoir)

place were all the good crew teams practice (or in the case of TJ crew, sit around and play on thier TI-83s). Also the site of the NCASRA crew races. Good place with lots of good memories.... also where fairfax crew owns all.

Occoquan, here we come...
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 21, 2003