some may see it as a shortened form of the longer word obviously but it is indeed much more than that. some could call it the "senior word" and if used by a non-senior then the trouble will begin. Others still could call it just plain annoying, however it is much more than that, it is fabulous. so take obvi, and spread it about the world.
wow he looks kinda like a power ranger. OBVI thats why we call him PR!
by whitney December 12, 2004
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An abbreviation for "obviously." Obvi is now a part of the text-generation lexicon.
"Dude, you showin' out tonight."
by JCALLA April 15, 2008
An abbreviation for 'obvious,' popular with people of limited intelligence, generally of the 13-year-old girl variety. Often used to refer to things that are only obvious by virtue of the mindless monotony of the user's life.
Hey babes, what r you listening to?
Miley Cyrus, obvi!
by notexts April 16, 2010
Obvi = Obviously

Created by Vijay
p1: you came up with the word obvi
p2: obvi
by Obvi_creator October 29, 2010
something sorority girls say to sound cool, but in all actuality it makes them sound like pretentious high school sophomores
sorority girl - "im always willing to try something new"
guy - "in that case, stop by my house with a box of condoms"
sorority girl - "ok"
guy - "and bring a bottle of lube just in case"
sorority girl - "obvi"
by wawa kid November 03, 2005
Short for obviously, used by people with tremendous swag.

I have swag, obvi.
by NoneyaBizness April 14, 2011
A term used by cool people, towards any kind of people. Short for obviously. Anyone who says obvi, is a trend setter and super awesome.
Rachel is so cool, obvi.

Laura wishes she was as cool as Rachel, obvi.
by rachypachybooty08 April 11, 2011
a shorter version of obvious
that dog just got hit by a car. other person:that is so obvi
by jodi thom June 19, 2009

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