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A shortened version of "obvious" or "obviously."
That girl is obvi 20 pounds overweight.

Are you going out tonight?
by anm4a June 28, 2004
An abbreviation for "obviously." Obvi is now a part of the text-generation lexicon.
"Dude, you showin' out tonight."
by JCALLA April 15, 2008
An abbreviation for 'obvious,' popular with people of limited intelligence, generally of the 13-year-old girl variety. Often used to refer to things that are only obvious by virtue of the mindless monotony of the user's life.
Hey babes, what r you listening to?
Miley Cyrus, obvi!
by notexts April 16, 2010
Obvi = Obviously

Created by Vijay
p1: you came up with the word obvi
p2: obvi
by Obvi_creator October 29, 2010
something sorority girls say to sound cool, but in all actuality it makes them sound like pretentious high school sophomores
sorority girl - "im always willing to try something new"
guy - "in that case, stop by my house with a box of condoms"
sorority girl - "ok"
guy - "and bring a bottle of lube just in case"
sorority girl - "obvi"
by wawa kid November 03, 2005
Short for obviously, used by people with tremendous swag.

I have swag, obvi.
by NoneyaBizness April 14, 2011
A term used by cool people, towards any kind of people. Short for obviously. Anyone who says obvi, is a trend setter and super awesome.
Rachel is so cool, obvi.

Laura wishes she was as cool as Rachel, obvi.
by rachypachybooty08 April 11, 2011
a shorter version of obvious
that dog just got hit by a car. other person:that is so obvi
by jodi thom June 19, 2009