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short for obombanation; pronounced, "o' bomb a nah tion"; see urban dictionary entry for obombanation.
1. There he goes again with more obomb dripple leaking out his mouth.

2. In an attempt to divert attention from his faults he just tossed the media another obomb.

by Curt Hammock April 13, 2008
Before the current administration, simply the name of a cocktail, and of a completely exhausting orgasm, usually happening during an orgy. Now, by extension, 1. President Barak Hussein Obama, 2. any absurd statements made by him by members of his administration, and/or 3. the lingering effects of moral, mental and physical lassitude attendant upon these, all the result of the extended Obasm of the last two tears.
Chuck says that Harry Reid and Joe Biden just gassed the house with further moronic pronouncements, but they were just retailing O-bombs that the POTUS dropped to the press corps from Airforce One while doing a low-level flight over Manhattan for a photo-op. Helen Thomas and George Soros were all smiles and delight.
by Guthlac A July 08, 2010
1. The act of someone saying something deeply profound and/or moving.

2. The act of ending a dispute between two opposing sides in an eloquent manner.
1. When the speaker said an O-bomb at the end of his speech, the audience went silent with awe.

2. I was having a problem working with this guy because we couldn't agree on anything. Then my friend comes over and drops an O-bomb and me and the guy just go "sure, that could work".
by cjsanshine May 28, 2009
An extreme orgasm leading to exhaustion; usually obtained during and orgy
Kate: Is dude wasted he's knocked out
Lewis: No he just had an O bomb
by LadyinRedndBlack July 10, 2008
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