(verb) Stress relief by taking your aggressions out in a good round of Oblivion. (etymology: Oblivion + Alleviate)
cougre picks up a trout and threatens everyone with it.
reaper: Chill out cougre, before someone gets hurt.
cougre: You're right. I'd better obliviate some of this stress.
<cougre fires up Oblivion and draws his sword.>
Cobra_Girl: Whew. That was close. :)
by cougre April 18, 2007
Top Definition
Originating from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Obliviate is a term meaning 'forget'. Obliviate is a memory charm, resulting in the erasure of the recipients memory. Now it is used as a verb, such as
'I obliviated my math homework at home'
by sue April 08, 2005
To be willfully oblivious, either through sloth, ineptitude or malice.
The refusal to fix the java home bug is another example of Sun attempting to obliviate whenever possible.
by alcaron July 14, 2011
May be an accidental combination of obliterate and oblivion.
Heard on a New York City TV news report in the 1970s, after an explosion at a gas storage tank being dismantled, a worker in a hardhat told the reporter "My shack was oblivated!"
by Brooklyn Tim May 31, 2005
A smash of obliterated and oblivion -the net result of too much alchohol consumption. Coined by Mike Oliver, drummer for Dog Fashion Disco.
Man I was SO obliviated last night after drinking that liter of Popov Vodka and gobbling 4 Xanax!
by Stephen Mears November 11, 2003
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