The #1 killer of Americans.
self explanatory, don't you think?
by J-Monkey April 20, 2005
Top Definition
Excess flesh/fat upon the body, caused by overeating of fat foods (ie., cheesy poofs). Common amongst truck drivers, and people with nothing better to do than read this site all day.
Usage: That trucker is one motherf-cker that is f-ckin riddled by obesity, f-ck.
by ... November 27, 2003
The best way to prevent rape.
No one wants to rape the obesity lady
by i hate really gigantic people August 16, 2010
A just punishment for over eating.
Obesity is the price you pay for being a lazy ass.
by S_t_G March 01, 2005
a person of larger persuasion having the diabetes
After the double cheeseburger and diet coke, I felt my obesities acting up.
by chopperdodger November 01, 2011
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