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the word originally defines an intelligent young man, however, he died from having a large penis. Thus, his name defines anyone who has a big penis.
For an example, damn yo, billy has a Obert. I hope he doesn't go down like him.
by Obert A. Kong July 25, 2004
53 12
the opposite of obert thus someone who has died from having a small penis. if you call someone an oberts, it means they have a small penis.
Chris why Do you have such an oberts?!?!
by WesMont December 09, 2010
6 0
An unbelievably annoying prick that haunts the ff. He loves to ban people for no reason and deletes any posts he disagrees with.
Common characteristics of an obert:

Terrified of being exposed

Can't spell

Can't please his wife

Love for power and discipline
obert is an orbert
by keainformer September 22, 2013
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The bag Oh Boy O'Berto beef jerkey comes in.
C'mon man open the obert im starving!
by Dave March 02, 2004
5 5