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Obamanation is synonomous with the word "apocalypse", which means the end of the world... yeah, I went there.
1. Newscaster: With Barack Obama's election, the world has finally reached Obamanation.

2. Random man: OH NO!!! The Obamanation is spreading. Quick!!! Enter the bomb shelters, we must prepare.
by The WTF blanket... March 18, 2009
64 193
The effects of President Obama's decisions to change the world.
The stimulas package is an Obamanation because it will not effect the common man.

That thought is a true Obamanation reported around the world.
by BJYoung February 11, 2009
42 171
The obamanation of Obama usually referring to his presidency or private life.

Extreme dislike of obama

--mock off of abomination
This presidency is an Obamanation.
What an Obamanation!
by Obamanation11111111 December 11, 2009
20 151
Mixed race offsprning of a black man and a trashy white woman.
Her parents disowned her after she started smoking crack and had that little Obamanation.
by BHO61 August 04, 2009
36 167
think about it
this is an obamanation
by wiener983289074102893480913 August 16, 2008
48 179
1. Feeling of extreme disgust towards the outcome of the election; detestation; loathing.

2. A cause of evil; chaos.
The Obamanation caused the Republicans to riot in disgust.
by squidonesian November 07, 2008
30 162
noun, 1. when a zealot presses his opinion on someone already in agreement with him to the point that the other person changes their mind just to spite him. 2.a nation of obamatrons.
"We were talking about how the new parking restrictions on the street were ridiculous, but he wouldn't shut up about it. Eventually I told him that I hope they tow his ass."

"We were totally cool about everything, but now we can't even talk -- it's a total obamanation."
by Yukon Fonz March 03, 2008
68 200