Taking something of value (i.e., money) from someone who has earned it through hard work and dedication, only to give it to those who don't deserve it (i.e., CEO's that ran businesses into the ground, those who refuse to work, those who couldn't afford their mortgage in the first place).
"We are all going to suffer if the Democrats keep obamaing our tax dollars."

"Why did you obama my money to those ghetto drug-addicts?"

"Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank obamad us through the non-stimulus massive spending plan."
by American Terminologist May 21, 2009
Top Definition
Invoking an insult against Barack Obama in midst of a conversation that has no relevance to him (or politics) at all
"Man, this is awesome sushi"
'If Obama has his way, businesses like these will close'
"Uh, ok....wow, awesome move by Frank Gore there to elude the linebackers"
'Those linebackers must have voted for Obama'
"Man, stfu and stop Obamaing, asshole"
'Ok. can you pick up the tab?'
by Peven glugh September 21, 2014
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