The physical and emotional sensation many liberals experience at the very mention of President Obama's name.
The finest example of an Obamagasm was during the 2008 presidential campaign, when Chris Matthews said he "Felt this thrill running up my leg" shortly after then-candidate Obama had spoken at a campaign rally.
by fine tea June 22, 2009
The orgasm-like reaction by democrats to anything Barack Obama says.
Obama eloquently read from the teleprompter and millions of mindless liberals just creamed their pants from a massive Obamagasm.
by VelcroTurkey December 14, 2009
a sense of euphoria from the result of Barrack Obama winning the election of 2009. A person undergoing an obamagasm cannot shut up about how great Obama is.

This feeling can be temporary like an orgasm.
Robynn T. was still having an Obamagasm at the panel discussion two weeks after the election.
by Crazy Six Tom March 20, 2009
The overwhelming feeling of warmth and happiness while listening to Obama speak.
omg i was wtching the press confrence the other day and i had a total obamagasm.
by blah1245 March 24, 2009
what happened when obama was promoted to president. this can fit also to bush (bushgasm) or any person.
today (november 5) is a prime example. when told he just won the presidency he had an obamagasm.
by garyyow November 05, 2008
you vote for and your nation elect your first black president, make sure that he's referred to as the black JFK, and inaugurate him right before your first class of the last semester of your college career. It creates a string of emotions all at once.
On January 20, 2009, the United States elected it's first black president and I was so elated to be a part of history that I had an Obamagasm.
by T. Reed January 20, 2009

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