Obama's bitch, that fake isn't just a homo and a drug pusher, he's also a pimp. Instead of using her body to make some jerk off material she makes just a shitload of lame YouTube obama vids. That ho is expired anyway, probably has AIDS too.
The Obama girl doesn't have a crush on obama, just likes black cock.
by Phoenix777 June 17, 2009
Top Definition
A girl who thinks that by producing contentless videos showing off her (admittedly) attractive body in a superheroine costume will woo voters into voting for Obama. Sadly, it seems to be working on most non-thinking idiots.

A prime example of the shallow minds of most Americans today.
Please explain why you support Obama, Obama girl. Just because you have a "crush" doesn't mean he's a good presidential choice.
by Steven Edwards May 12, 2008
A middle class young woman who has yet to learn life's hard lessons, and attaches to Obama the way she attached to boy band rock stars. A political groupie who is on an adventure before she is forced out into the real world.
What will an Obama girl do if Obama doesn't win? Her parents will make her get a real job.
by benth April 28, 2008
One of the many reasons why I'm going to vote for Barack Obama for President.
Amber Lee Ettinger aka Obama Girl has got a crush on Obama, but I have a crush on her and her beautiful ass! Ahem... I mean assets*
by metallkidd93 March 27, 2008

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