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A so called sand nigger running for president who declares to be a christian under the Rev. Wright views.
One of many raciest black churches was visited by the obama-nigger who refused to wear a lapel pin on his fried chicken covered Sunday suit.
by Jackie Kinton May 20, 2008
1718 960
An arrogant leader of the liberal statist and marxist drones. They all follow one another off the cliff in belief it is for good change. Yes, it is good change because all of these drones need to walk off the cliff to save us all from the marxist. His wife is a biatch who is finally proud of her country because healthcare will financially break the back of America. YES WE CAN! CHANGE!
I am Obama-nigger! I love power and control! Everyone loves me because I stand for change! YES WE CAN! CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE! I am the chosen one! Wait! I guess I can't. My approval ratings are in the tank because people have figured me out. I'm a great campaigner, just not a great leader. When I say one thing, I mean the exact oposite. YES I DID!
by Obamaba!! March 25, 2010
438 359
A term used by small minded individuals who are controlled by the Republican fear machine to describe a man who represents real positive change in the government of this country.
McCain: I hear that obama-nigger is still polling better than me
Hillary: Yeah, but don't worry, it's not because of your OLD BALLS.
by marlon brown August 24, 2008
637 1483