Old Asian troll. While cruising a gay bar in the East Village, we younger men were sipping our wine when, like sharks, a few older Asian men started leching on us.
If partying in the gay bars of the East Village, beware of Oats.
by Jerry Ann August 11, 2010
Acronym for Of All Time
omgz ShinjixKaworu from NGE r lyk my OTP OAT!!!
by miho9000 April 18, 2008
another name for cocaine.
"Hey man, do you know where i can get some oats?"
by suqadiq August 11, 2007
When strongly agreeing to what one has to say.Just like saying "oh damn right"
Fuck Yeah
Announcer "Matthew Ridge is pretty ugly aye" ?

You: "Oh Fucken Oats Mate"
by Tom January 18, 2004
nick name for place in Auckland, New Zealand
Place name Otahuhu, South side, Auckland, supporters usually yell out 'oats' when sports teams play against Otahuhu
by rs02 March 06, 2012
An ounce of any form of marijuana.
Do you think you could tick me a couple oats?
by GreenCliffsOfDover December 27, 2010
short vesion of bloody oath or fucken oath. to approve of something.
johno : "you going to the pub tonight mate?"
macca : "oats"
by gfresha February 08, 2010

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