Nothing new here, caught the interest of Pubescent boys back in the mid 90's with Recycled Beatles riffs and melodies,and riding on the backs of giants they became very sucessful for a little while.Recent Songs are instantly forgetable,should soon be touring on the Butlins Holiday camp tour.Oh and Doesn't Liam look like Parker From Thunderbirds!
Oasis were ok for a while but they are not as good as Blur
by Aye Yer Maw March 03, 2006
1. a place in the desert, like the Sahara, that has life - usually trees, and water. Usually there is fruit or nuts to eat as well, and of course the trees provide shade from the hot sun.

2. an overrated British alternative band that spearheaded the Britpop movement of the fucking PC 90s. Fronted by the annoying Liam Gallagher, who has an irritating, abrasive, whiny singing voice and has a snotty attitude, along with his brother - guitarist Noel. DJs in America promoted Oasis as "heirs apparent to the Beatles but that is pure bullshit. Throwing in a few Beatles references in the lyrics do not a good song make, let alone a Beatlelesque one. Oasis started getting attention as the Beatles Anthology project was approaching. George Harrison described their music as "rubbish" and "not very interesting". Paul McCartney stated that Oasis' music was "derivative". Oasis may try to be like the Beatles but man, they don't do a very good job of it and they don't even come close. They totally suck.
1. the Magi stopped at an oasis to rest before continuing on their journey that would lead them to the baby Jesus.

2. I was in a record store just looking around while the cashier was playing that "classic" Oasis album that everyone was saying was so great - "What's the Story, Morning Glory". It was extremely annoying, derivative trash. 100% crap.
by California Sun December 26, 2006
A british band that came out in the late 80's or early 90's. They are the best British band EVER, and came up with the best song EVER: Champaigne Supernova! They live on in the world of the Legends...
"I'm Madferit" Liam Gallagher
by Jessica Pawluk, The Ninja Gamer January 29, 2004
a fucking good band...possibly the best along with iron maiden (see iron maiden)
oasis all the FUCKING WAYYYYY
by cilla....yes....bring it March 01, 2004
British pop band that sound like shit being stirred. They think they are rock and roll stars and do drink and drugs to go with the image but really they are just tallentless morons whose fans are made up of 12 year old girls. Noel is so crap at playing guitar that he had to get paul weller to play a half decent solo on champagne supernova because he couldn't.
Rock and roll has produced a number of nutters over the years. Liam from oasis aint one of them. Do you really think bitch slapping photographers outside some dive of a nightclub with yet another desperate blond under your arm makes you hard?
by 54546574 February 19, 2006
A whiny, bitch-ass band to come out of england. Mega Beatles biters, and all around arseholes. Thinking they were the biggest shit next to slice bread, and what a shock that they amounted to a heap of beans in mexico, nowhere near the talent that radiohead has and nowhere near the longevity.
watch the wonder-wall fall into nothingness, nice try. "nipples"
by Giovanni Serrato March 11, 2005
got rid of guigsy and bonehead and replaced them with a couple of people to stand in the back ground for some reason. produced the best album (definitely maybe) and best song (supersonic) of all time. their knebworth gig was voted the 3rd best ever. however the same listy had coldplay at V2003 in the top 10, so it's probably not too reliable. they obviously should have been 1st.
another annoying thing about that list is that my friend was supposed to be able to get me on the guest list to a libertines gig but he couldn't because the person he knew who knew someone at the forum started working a different shift to him so i'm like 'ok, so i don't go, how good can one gig possibly be, and then it gets placed as the 19th best gig EVER! slightly annoying you can imagine.
by dudeman April 30, 2004

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